Defence Strategic Communications

Defence Strategic Communications is the leading academic journal dedicated to enriching the study of strategic communications. Funded by the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, it remains both independent in its editorial policy and content, and double blind peer reviewed in its scholarship. Its Editor-in-Chief is Dr Neville Bolt, Director of the King’s Centre for Strategic Communications (KCSC).

Defence Strategic Communications is published twice every year, online and in print, and free of charge. Its pages contain scholarly articles and review essays reflecting the ideas and opinions of academics and practitioners. The journal showcases innovative thinking and has included contributions from members of KCSC.

Vol. 5 (2018)

Vol. 4 (2018)

Vol. 3 (2017)

Vol. 2 (2017)

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Our Books

Ofer Fridman, Vitaly Kabernik and James C. Pearce, (eds) Hybrid Conflicts and Information Warfare: New Labels, Old Politics (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2018 )


Jente Althuis and Leonie Haiden, (eds), Fake News: A Roadmap, (Riga: The NATO StratCom Centre of Excellence, 2018)


A selection of interviews with many of our guest speakers from the July 2018 Gerda Henkel Forum: Trust and emotions in the Relations between Russia and the West.



Selected Books from Our Experts