Mark Laity

Mark Laity is the Chief Strategic Communications at SHAPE NATO, the first post holder, and as such he has been a leading figure in developing StratCom within NATO. This role followed nine months in Afghanistan in 2006-7 as the NATO Spokesman in Kabul and Media Adviser to the ISAF Commander, and he has since done two further ISAF tours. Previously he had been Chief of Public Information at SHAPE.

From 2000, Mark Laity was for four years the Special Adviser to the NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson, and NATO’s Deputy Spokesman. He had a wide variety of defence policy and information roles including a year as NATO spokesman. In 2001, with civil war threatening he was sent to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as personal adviser to the Macedonian President, and later he became Media Adviser to the NATO commander and civilian spokesman for Operation Essential Harvest.

Mark Laity joined NATO after 22 years in journalism, including 11 years as the BBC’s Defence Correspondent from 1989, when he reported from the frontlines of most major conflicts of the nineties, but particularly the break-up of Yugoslavia, and the Gulf War in 1991.


  • Strategic communications
  • War reporting
  • Journalism & media


Laity, M. Nato and the power of narrative, in Beyond Propaganda, Information at War: From China’s Three Warfares to NATO’s Narratives, Legatum Institute, 2015, 22-29.