NATO-KCSC Internship Programme

NATO-KCSC intern programme offers our students to spend a 3-month research period working at NATO StratCom COE in Riga, Latvia.


JENTE ALTHUIS (Netherlands)

“Spending a year as researcher at the NATO StratCom COE taught me a lot about the world of strategic communications in the military environment. My work included case study research, data analysis, cooperation with both academics and practitioners, preparing briefings, and reviewing and editing publications, among others. It has been an indispensable experience before returning to KCSC and the War Studies Department to pursue a PhD.”



“At the Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence I not only applied and broadened my theoretical knowledge from the King’s Strategic Communications course, but also learned more about the organisational culture of NATO, and the security concerns of the Baltic states. All the while enjoying the beautiful city of Riga!”



“It is very exciting to be working with some of the leading experts in the field, and to directly implement what I learnt during my M.A. out in the real world. I am learning more every single day at the COE, and am able to explore a wide range of topics and geographical areas.”



“At the COE I was given a lot of responsibility from day one and got to work with everything from building and designing a database to drafting methodologies for research projects, all in the 3 months I was there.”



“I worked for the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence researching new case studies in depth into influence activities in the Middle East. The experience was a great opportunity to gain insight into professional research and the workings of the COE.”



“I spent 3 months as an intern in the Concept, Doctrine and Experimentation branch working on one of the COE’s main projects, studying hybrid warfare. My internship was one of the most memorable I’ve had. It was a chance to work with some incredibly talented and experienced people from whom I learnt a lot. Not to mention, living in Latvia in the winter is an experience in itself!”

KCSC Internships

KCSC internships  offer our students to get involved in the centre’s activities. The students assist in organising different events, running centre’s social networks and editing our students’ blog.

KCSC Internships 2016-2017



“I worked as an intern with King’s Centre for Strategic Communication while completing an MA at the Department of War Studies, from 2016-2017, and am currently starting my career with the Irish Foreign Ministry. Being a part of the KCSC team afforded me many opportunities, and really enhanced my academic and professional profile.

Under the supervision of the KCSC team, I was involved with the organisation of several high-profile events – for example with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and NATO. It allowed me to gain valuable experience in event organisation and project management. Further to this it gave me an excellent opportunity to network with professionals – from government, military, academic and corporate backgrounds – who have a lifetime of experience in this field.

At all times I felt valued by the KCSC team who assigned to me many responsibilities and tasks, always in a friendly, helpful and supportive manner. To be a part of the KCSC team would be an excellent opportunity for any student who wants to be exposed to an array of individuals while also gaining valuable experience for their professional career.”



“I interned with KCSC while studying an MA in the Department of War Studies in 2016-2017. Working with KCSC enabled me to gain an insight into the organisation and preparation of collaborative workshops and conferences. Furthermore, interning with KCSC gave me an invaluable opportunity to engage with individuals from the public, private and third sectors. Being involved with KCSC allowed me to listen to some fascinating speakers and to see how challenges facing strategic communicators are approached by professionals and academics in the UK and abroad. I would definitely recommend getting involved with KCSC should the opportunity arise!”