Executive Education

Strategic Communications is the weapon of choice for non-state actors but states have often struggled to keep up with their challengers. The KCSC Executive Education programme is designed for policymakers to help them understand better how to design flexible communication strategies for the diverse challenges they face. The course emphasises the need for intellectual rigour to find creative, evidence-based solutions to real-world communication problems. Practical workshops and scenario enactments are tailored to the needs of the institution, exposing professionals to realistic communication dilemmas. In today’s turbulent information environment, this programme aims to gives professionals the power to communicate more strategically.

Topics include:

  • why some messages resonate and others do not
  • understanding images as well as texts in constructing compelling narratives
  • creating consistent messaging in non-linear, dynamic environments
  • separating myth from reality when assessing how new technologies affect communication power
  • agenda setting and crisis communications
  • what political marketers, diplomats, and the military can learn from each other.