David Betz

david betz

Professor David Betz is Deputy Director of the King’s Centre for Strategic Communications.


Professor David Betz is a Professor of War in the Modern World at the Department of War Studies and Deputy Director of the King’s Centre for Strategic Communications (KCSC),

David Betz is a Deputy Head of the War Studies Department (Education) and Senior Fellow of the Foreign Policy Research Institute (Philadelphia).

He convenes the Evolution of Insurgency MA course and teaches on several others, notably the Theory and Concepts of Strategic Communications and Applied Strategic Communications.

He has written on information warfare, the future of land forces, the virtual dimension of insurgency, propaganda of the deed, strategic communications, cyberspace and insurgency, and British counterinsurgency in such journals as the Journal of Strategic Studies, the Journal of Contemporary Security Studies, and Orbis. His interests generally are on technology and security. His latest book Carnage and Connectivity: Landmarks in the Decline of Conventional Military Power was published by Hurst/Oxford University Press. He is now working on a new book on the Contemporary Resurgence of Fortification Strategies.

After a short and generally unremarkable career as an infantryman in the Canadian Forces he left with the rank of Master Corporal to wander around Asia and the Middle East for three and a half years before going back to university where he remains still. He has two children and in his spare time is an enthusiastic painter.