Eight Images: Kaleidoscope of Conflict

Kaleidoscope of Conflict

21 February 2018

During this event the KCSC explored the interconnection between the visualisation and the perception of conflicts.

Unbounded by words, and with the power to deliver an instant emotional hit, still and moving images are shaping our points of view on every aspect of the world in which we live. In particular, the immediacy and directness with which we now receive images have radically changed the way we think about conflict and its impacts.

By inviting individuals from different fields of expertise to talk about an image which has shaped or informed their perspective of conflict, we hoped to prompt a wider discussion about how conflict is perceived and interpreted in our contemporary society.

List of speakers:

  • Writing about Conflict – Caroline Brothers, novelist.
  • The Theatre of Conflict – James Yeatman, Assistant Director, Complicite.
  • Capturing Conflict – Jules George, artist.
  • Celebrities of Conflict – Adrian Sington, Managing Director, Kruger Cowne.
  • Remembering Conflict – Jenny Spencer-Smith, former Head of Collection Content, National Army Museum.
  • Translating Conflict – Charlie Winter, Senior Research Fellow, the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence.
  • Strategy of Conflict – Daniel Williams, Senior Strategist, M&C Saatchi.
  • Fresh eyes on Conflict – Isabela Betoret Garcia, a 1st year undergraduate, Department of War Studies, King’s College London.

The event was generously supported by Kriel.Agency and Hartham Park Investments.

Videos produced by Ivan Seifert